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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girl, Interrupted

I embarrass my daughter. Yes, I know. Every 16-year-old on earth thinks that their parents are embarrassing idiots. She gets all of that "normal" idiocy, plus my not-so-endearing ticks, like interrupting, rocking and talking endlessly about my Special Focus (right now, it's WDW).

I have to write a paper based on Never Let Me Go - it's a good book, but she wants us to keep a log of our reading (I finished it) and make special notes for the direction we want our essay to go. OK, but she has yet to give us our prompt, so I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for. No one else in class said anything, so I'm given to think that either they understand or they don't want to ask. I'm going to ask when I see her tomorrow.

There is a Cambodian community in my city, but that's about it in terms of major Asian population. I found three - THREE - separate Japanese-themed free publications at my neighborhood Ralph's. I can only assume it's because Bixby Knolls has a higher weeabo population than the rest of the city. I have no idea.

I'm working on designs for my final for cake class; I'm doing an arts & crafts stained glass-inspired cake. Can't think about what to do for the topper. Roger and I threw together my "fake" wedding cake for cutting in about fifteen minutes. Seriously. Neither of us had ever touched fondant before. It didn't turn out TOO bad, but oh, is that pink ribbon hiding a myriad of faults!

We served a sheet cake that was white cake with triple-berry delight filling (they couldn't do it for stacked cakes and we figured better to taste good than look good) and white chocolate shavings. I hear it was delicious. Good!

I apologize for the short blog today, but I have to go make an almond pound cake in class.

Here's something from the olden days: Remember my old April Fool's jokes? This was my favorite, I think. Before the ride was announced, a dear person sent me some photos of the model for Everest. I decided to show them without showing them. Many people who read my blog that day didn't understand why I was talking about Hot Wheels and Science Fairs (that's lucky student C. K. Dexter Haven, the winner, with his volcano), some laughed, and one picked up the phone and SCREAMED at an acquaintance of mine. Oh the fun!

Cake photo by Trevor, unbelievably bad photoshops by me.


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