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Monday, December 20, 2010

Disneyland in the rain

I can't remember if it's actually in The Nickel Tour or not, but David Mumford did like to joke about the best thing about Disneyland in the rain was getting to see Main Street flood.  I haven't seen it flood since the 90s, so maybe they fixed it. 

Yesterday, they canceled the parades, canceled the fireworks, and the projector for it's a small world Holiday got so wet, the projections jumped and stopped.  But it was wonderful.  Noe and I were bundled up and had Alice's Mary Poppins umbrella.  There were still Snowman Mickey popcorn holders available.  Main Street was wet, with gray skies above, but the decorations were beautiful and the crowds, while unusually stupid even for Disneyland last night, were pretty sparse, considering the time of year and park hours.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the Mayan Mickey and Aztec Donald big figs I wanted to get for Noe; the lady at Off the Page said that some of them were damaged, and the fella at Disneyana said that a bunch of them were still in China and would get to the Parks sometime in the future.  So, my hubby's getting a couple books and shirts, pretty lame for our first Christmas. 

 The folder these photos were in says "February 18".  I'm not sure of the exact year, but I'm guessing it's 2002. 

I found some more old photos of Disneyland in the rain - rather, the entrance plaza, mostly, right after they added the bag checks. What year did Space Mountain go back to white?

One of my favorite pastimes is reading about Disneyland history.  A good blog for research is the Disneyland Tickets Blog - this page links to the "rainy day" card given out in the olden days. 

One thing I can't do in the rain is decorate cookies, like I want to, because the Royal icing tends to fall apart in the moist air.  Maybe I'll do fudge and lemon bars; it IS that time of year. 

We kept our promise to Bruce Boxleitner and saw TRON: Legacy on opening weekend, albeit Sunday morning.  It was great!  Truly!  Parts of it were like being on Star Tours, but with a better story.

Tomorrow:  a look back at a special event or two, at what was, for a while, the "special event" Park.

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