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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finished - almost.

All of my final tests and projects for school are finished, save helping Chef Pierre with the yule logs for the Foundation Banquet tonight.  I was going to do sugar cubes, but I'm really pooped. 

Today, I am working on thank you notes from the wedding.  A-G will get a different design than G-Z.  I'm not going to rewrite A-G because it's hard to duplicate heartfelt and I'd rather the people who were so kind to us get something with genuine feelings, if that makes any sense at all.

Yesterday, I bitched out a writer for the Orlando Sentinel.  I thought the Lights of Winter were great, too, and I'm sad they're gone, but you know what?  You get to go to Walt Disney World.  Many, many people, including me and my family, do not.  When I was a teenager, there were decorations and a parade.  That's it.  Things started changing at the same time they added the Country Bear Christmas show.  Be grateful that you're able to go to theme parks at all.  The holidays are about being grateful and spending time with your loved ones, not whinging about how tough you have it because Once Upon a Christmas is only shown to the general public for a week.  May I direct you to the location of a nearby unemployment office or soup kitchen if you want something to be sad about?

There are so many other things at Walt Disney World to be petty about, anyway.  Soarin' (Over California, because we're too cheap to make a new movie and the rubes won't care anyway) for example.  The thing about people who label themselves Disney fans and then do little else than constantly complain about how awful Disney is ... it's a phenomenon found in all fandoms, yet it still puzzles me.  Jim Hill explained "loyalty erosion" to me a few years ago; it's a test, really.  A company will cut services and raise prices until it begins to affect sales, and that's where they stop.  If you keep buying their goods and/or services, your dollar says that you approve of what they are doing, no matter how ranty you get on your blog.  Something to think about.

I'm lucky that I have my family and friends, generally good health, a smokin' new husband and fantastic daughter, and, hey, Disneyland's a half-hour away!  (So is Character Warehouse).  I'm almost finished with Christmas shopping and I haven't even hit CW yet.  One place I'm considering getting a few shirts/bags for certain people (Oh, you KNOW who you are!) is the Passholes shop.  I would find that Stretching Room shirt very useful, especially if it glowed in the dark.

Since I am a broke college student, I will be baking presents for many people, or making them out of chocolate.  If I can get the other things done soon, I'll start in on that Haunted Mansion gingerbread house I've had in the back of my head for a few years.  We'll see.

 To those of you who checked in for days and found no updates, I apologize.  School has to come before blogging.  I'm off til January 10, so you'll see a lot more of me between now and then.



  1. And she's only getting warmed up, folks! :)

  2. I was at Downtown Disney last December, waiting for my friend's kids to have their pic taken with Santa, and being a geek, I was checking out the LED pars they were using for lighting, and when I made a comment about it, the guy in front of me turned around, and it was an Imagineer. We chatted about geeky stuff for a few min, and then I asked him what the deal was with The Lights of Winter. He told me I was preaching to the choir, and that I should complain at guest relations (I did.) He told me that the Imagineers were NOT happy about having to remove them. With LED technology what it is, I cannot believe that those lights cannot be replaces with something less expensive and more efficient. I wish more people complained about it, maybe Disney would get off their ass and bring them back.

    You are correct (as usual), though. In the great scheme of things, there are far, far worse tragedies in the world than Disney removing some lights.

  3. I don't think that anything has ever changed at Disney because an angry fan posted something nasty on a blog.

    I do, however, agree with the unnamed Imagineer. Journey into whatever without Figment was changed DUE TO GUEST COMPLAINTS. Not someone's website, but guests actively getting off their butts and addressing Disney about it directly. There's a huge difference; thank you for pointing that out to me.