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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The presents are almost all wrapped - I'm short a few t-shirt boxes - and the stocking stuff is all stashed, waiting for Santa Friday night. Friday morning, I'll be up at 3AM, waiting in line for masa to make tamales later that day. For Jim Hill Media, I did a standup at Disneyland a few mornings back with Jay Garcia, who went from Club 33 to DCA a while back. Yes, he's responsible for the Asian bowls that actually taste like they're Asian food. Here, he shows me how he assembled tamales (we wrap ours in paper before steaming, and we put some of the pork sauce into the masa to "show it a little love" and give it some color, not the tomatillo sauce - but you get the picture).

There's some other great stuff on the Jim Hill Media channel at YouTube - check it out.

If you read JHM daily, you'd have seen this a good week or so ago.  This is why you should go read Jim Hill Media every day.  Then Noe's blog.  Then me, because I don't usually manage to get a post up until after noon.

Today, I will be making gingerbread cookies, and possibly sugar cookies as well  Maybe even butter cookies, which really are different.  Then, I will decorate them.  I was going to do Prep & Landing gingerbread men, but beat me to it.  I might anyway, if I'm feeling particularly adventurous.

Noe started his "green" Epic Mickey game this morning, as opposed to the "blue" version.  Have you read his writings about Disney video games and how they led up to Epic Mickey?  I would not be exaggerating to say that I am married to the world's foremost expert on Disney video games.  It's like Jim Hill with Disney retiree stories...his knowledge is encyclopaedic!  Again, here's his blog.

I played the NES game  Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (which was like having several games in one, racing, platforming, first-person shooting) and watched Alice play Kingdom Hearts, but I like sim/puzzles more, like Harvest Moon.  Here's a peek at the old NES game: (2 parts)

Not many of my hardcore Disney friends are that interested in gaming.  Or if they are, they give Disney's efforts a polite nod and go back to Black Ops.  It's a shame, because, amongst the raging turkeys released  by Disney Interactive, there truly have been, as you see by reading Noe's blogs about them, a few genuine gems.


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