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Friday, January 7, 2011


I've started building the outline of Manufacturing the Magic, and have found some wonderful, long-forgotten treasures.  I have to work on getting permission for the images I want to use, but this won't be done in a few weeks, maybe not even a year, because school begins Monday, and school comes first.

I'm so glad I kept the PowerPoints from my class, and that my pal Bill was able to fill in the missing spots.  Thank goodness for friends like Bill!  It looks like it is going to have twenty chapters, and I'm still going to leave out most of the out-of-the-USA after 1800 stuff.

Today I'm pretty much recovering from the cough I've had since September.  I bought an ionicpro turbo with a gift card we got as as wedding present, and half a day later, my cough is almost completely gone.  I'm sad that vacation is over but look forward to school; I'm taking more cake decorating, Japanese 2, History of Asian Art, Dreamweaver and am on the wait list for American History 10 and Computer Art, both with instructors I'm familiar with and fond of, so my chances are good at getting into at least one of these.

Would you like to know what I'm working on in the book, as I'm working on it, or would you rather be surprised?

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